Ride-hack Your Next Uber or Lyft Experience

While that first car-buying experience used to be a rite of passage, people are increasingly forgoing car ownership, and utilizing ride-sharing to get from A to B. That includes everyday tasks like grocery shopping, commuting to work, and going to the gym. Plus, more than half of adults between the ages of 22 and 37 say a car is not worth the hundreds of dollars spent on monthly use, upkeep, and maintenance. So if you’re already going to be using a rideshare app to get around, why not reward yourself for doing it?

Disrupting the Rideshare Industry

Many newly-launched technology companies as of late aim to help track and save money, and Freebird is no exception. Just when you thought there wasn’t room for one more rideshare-related app, Freebird is disrupting the industry by allowing users to get tangible returns on money they’re already going to spend.

Just like the popular browser extensions Honey and Amazon Assistant, Freebird proactively identifies and presents you with money-saving and cash-back opportunities every time you open the app. Whatever it is, you’re always making progress toward your next ride, and there’s never a markup on the fare. You’re still charged like normal through Uber and Lyft, but now you’re earning rewards through Freebird when you do it.  

It’s Like a Passive Income Stream

As soon as you link Freebird to your rideshare accounts (which takes about 30 seconds), you’re automatically eligible to earn rewards and cash back. Then, when you book your ride seamlessly through Freebird, you’ll get offers for:

  • You are eligible for cash back deals at participating locations.
  • Sponsored safe rides home where a restaurant or bar will reward you with cash back or points you can put toward your next ride.
  • Cash transferred directly into your bank account, where there’s never any fees or minimums.

You can even use it to help plan your evening. For example, If you’re heading out for the night with a group, you can take advantage of our partnership with Don Julio Tequila and participate in the Safe Ride Home program. Just by tapping the “Ride Home by Don Julio” banner in the Freebird app, you earn an extra $5 bonus or 500 points. And let’s face it, you were probably already going to take an Uber or Lyft at the end of the night. We also have regional partnerships with Guinness and Bailey’s, and have Jack Daniel’s joining the list soon too.

The points system works like cash as well. Points can be converted into cash, and then deposited directly into your bank account. But don’t feel stuck if you don’t see a participating bar or restaurant you want to visit. You’ll still earn points no matter where you go, as long as you book it through Freebird.

While not everyone may be ready to start practicing the extreme simplicity that the F.I.R.E. lifestyle professes, there’s no reason why one shouldn’t make their money go farther by setting up some passive income streams when possible.

If you get reimbursed for travel expenses through work, whether you’re shuttling to the airport or getting back and forth between hotels and meetings, you can expense the rides while still accumulating points and cash. Just like collecting air miles when you fly, take advantage of this life hack by accumulating Freebird rewards when you’re on the road.

How Businesses Benefit

Consumers aren’t the only ones that benefit from Freebird. Here’s what Freebird can do for businesses:

  • Reinforces a positive experience users have with your establishment
  • Brings more foot traffic, increasing overall revenue during targeted hours
  • Lowers liability and helps ensure safety

Start Using Freebird Now

If you haven’t already downloaded Freebird, why not? Once you’ve connected your Uber and Lyft accounts, you’ll automatically start earning with your next ride. And so you don’t forget to use it, keep the Freebird app next to your favorite rideshare app on your phone so you don’t miss out! Life should be more rewarding and Freebird can help.

For more than 20 years, Jay Pearson has worked as a marketer and copywriter across a variety of industries. When not working, he enjoys running and biking at the beach, driving his classic BMW, and rooting for the UCSB Gauchos and Arsenal F.C.