Want to make money everytime you and your friends use rideshare to go out to bars and restaurants?

How Freebird Works

Freebird is an app that connects to Uber and Lyft and offers passengers to get cash back for their rides provided by Austin’s favorite bars, restaurants and liquor brands.

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and you will get it!

How the College Ambassador Program works

We are focused on you – the student – because you are simply our best customer in the Austin Market! The goal of the Brand Ambassador Program is to introduce, excite and grow brand awareness on campuses and increase app downloads.

All you do is tell your friends and fellow classmates about the Freebird app and let them know that they can get cash back or earn points on their rides to AND from their favorite bars and restaurants. 

And YOU get paid every time someone downloads and uses the app! As we like to say… Everybody Wins!

In addition to our ambassador efforts, we are going to be working hard to get the freebird message out to all of Austin!

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We have a three-tier commission structure to support our college ambassadors


Level 1

Introduce the Freebird app to your friends & classmates and get them to download with your customized referral code. On the very first ride they take, you will receive $5 dollars and so will they!


Level 2

Every week, If you get 15 people or more to sign up and ride, we will give you an additional $5 for every referral.

For example: if you got 20 freebird users in a week you would earn $200 dollars for the week ($10 per freebird user). Double the cash!


Level 3

At  end of each month the top three ambassadors will receive an additional  bonus.

1st place: $150

2nd place: $100

3rd place: $50

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