Goodbye Uber bill.
Hello Freebird Rides!

Go to the hottest bars and restaurants in town that will contribute to your Uber bill.

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    Freebird Rides brings you to the best bars and restaurants in town.

  • Get there free

    The best part is: all these businesses will pay for or contribute to the cost of your Uber ride.

  • Order your Uber!

    The best part is: businesses are reimbursing for all or part of your Uber ride.

  • Get them dollars!

    Automatically receive your cashback through the app when you pay your bill.

How it works

Select where you want to go, accept the business's ride contribution offer, and request your ride. Freebird connects directly to the Uber app. You'll get your cash back when you close your tab at the bar/restaurant.

Restaurant, Bar, or Venue Owner?

Get new customers with Freebird Rides!
Freebird Rides drives customers to your business via Uber, during the days and times you choose.

  • No contract or upfront costs to get started. It's free to be listed in the App
  • Only pay when customers actually show up at your business and transact
  • Encourage responsible consumption by promoting ridehsare
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Why do I get charged by Uber?

You will be charged for your Uber ride by Uber. However, your cash back will automatically appear in your Freebird account after you close out your tab at the bar or restaurant.

Why didn't I get my cash back?

Be sure you link the credit card you are using. As long as you pay with a linked credit card, your cash back will automatically be deposited in your Freebird Rides account.

How do I link a credit card?

1) Tap "Transfer" in the “Account” menu
2) Tap "+" to add the card you plan on using

How do I take out my money?

1) Tap "Transfer" in the "Account" menu
2) Add a payout debit card
3) Enter the amount and transfer!

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