The Future MarketPlace For Ride-Sharing

Drives consumers to businesses and ensure a guaranteed customer spend by offering promotions, cash back incentives, and rewards during rideshares to your favorite places.
Targeted promotions for businesses to add value and ensure cost-effective ad spends within Freebird’s marketplace. For any establishments, attracting actual visiting customers.

Brands That Have Recently Joined The Freebird Marketplace

Brands About To Be Onboarded

Investment Highlights

  • Creating Significant Value for Businesses and Brands
  • Agnostic Marketplace Driving Network Effects
  • Powerful and Proprietary Data Capabilities
  • Strong Strategic Partners
  • Proven Product, Market and Fit
  • Highly Scalable Model with Significant Barriers to Entry


Year One

  • Launch in three (3) markets
  • 90,000+ Riders
  • 1,500+ Restaurants/Bars
  • Cash flow break-even expected in Q3 2024
  • Expected EBITDA $9M

Year Two

  • Launch in an additional twelve (12) markets
  • Additional 364,000 riders and 6,000 more restaurants/bars.
  • Additional EBITDA contribution is estimated to be $36 million

Boundless Precision Of User Data

  • They Are Plentiful: 500k+ user accounts LTD, averaged 70-80k MAUs
  • They Are Young: 84% are 38 years old or younger
  • They Travel Together: 58% travel in groups of 4+
  • They Spend: check is double industry average
By integrating with transportation and payment systems, we construct fine tuned detailed profiles that reveal our users lives and habits. Travel, purchasing patterns, alongside a wealth of information pertaining to their interests, hobbies, and lifestyles.
Freebird aggregates and anonymizes consumer rideshare data from three (3) primary proprietary sources:
  • Rideshare usage data
  • Credit card usage data
  • Weekly in-app rider surveys

*compliance with all privacy regulations; Freebird Ride users are paid for their data by opting into rides.


18+ APIs In Sync Running Two Markets

In 2020 we started raising money from investors with an idea of meshing any ride sharing capabilities with a digital marketplace. We beta launched Freebird in Nashville, Tennessee & Austin, Texas to test consumer interest, API data stack pressures, and general expectations. The metrics that came in told the team we were onto something big.
We believe Freebird’s marketplace offers unmatched appeal with all brands, venues, sport stadiums, restaurants, bars, lounges driving in patrons and the consumers receiving the very best deals, rides, Freebird points and cash back offers to any of their destinations.

All The Offers You Could Ever Think Of

Redeem promotions, cash back, and rewards when traveling near local businesses.
Our integration with travel apps such as Uber, Lyft, Bird, and more gives us the ability to offer highly personalized ads that you can redeem at your destination.
Promotions relevant to where you are going. Anytime your use your ride-sharing services.

Lower Costs

Lower costs across the board – less real estate, no labor, no staffing, and no fees to update or change deals, promotions or graphics.

Business Flexible

All Freebird business users can change their promotions any second to drive business and added value to their clients and customers.


Freebird app users can see what’s going on in their area, and select the best places for maximum rewards, promotions or cash back incentives.


Leading brands can offer added incentive and value to promote new products, strengthen identity, or completely free rides home to ensure safety.


Change Ad Buy Offers In Seconds

  • The business is in control and sets: ride reimbursement amount, the time period offer is available, the budget and then they place that bid on Freebird’s Mobility Marketplace platform
  • The business only pays IF and WHEN the consumer takes a ride and actually transacts/interacts with that business
  • Freebird measures these transactions through linked credit cards and shares significant data to target and improve ride offer effectiveness
  • Top volume destinations earn over 20x return on ride spend

  • We offer a closed loophole advertisment model.

2026. 50 Cities. 50 States. We have high expectations.

For businesses, Freebird has created the same closed-loop advertising model as Google, but in the physical world. For brands, any ride category can be sponsored in any market with points or cash.

Why pay for visibility?

You can influence whether customers choose to go to your business vs. another bar or restaurant, plus you can increase average checks, improve customer loyalty, all without risking a single dollar. 

Not sharing unique user data

Many ad agencies provide services for a fee without transparent ad spend details. Social media marketing offers insight but lacks ad flexibility during the ad spend. Freebird’s edge lies in its exclusive user data. By integrating with transport and payment systems, we offer tailored ad solutions with 24/7 customization for cost-effective business opportunities.

Global Advertising Growth Is Expected to Slow in 2024. Freebird Rides is shaping up to be the exception.

The demand for our solution is evident with over 600k+ downloads and a 4.8 Star Rating in the App Store during our beta test.
  • Freebird Rides had 30,000 monthly average users
  • 133,000 rides per month ARR
  • 136,000 Consumer Downloads per month ARR
  • 500+ bars and restaurants on the Freebird platform

Any ride category can be sponsored in any market with points or cash.

  • The brand is front and center, owning the entire ride experience, with clear branding/exposure along with additional engagement solutions (coupons, links for browsing/purchasing)
  • Not viewed as an advertisement and commands deep consumer engagement
  • Freebird provides the capability for branded digital, social, in-app and email messaging with multiple call-to-action moments to drive conversion

Four ways to make money

We have four primary channels for making money through our business model.
Rideshare Consumer: Earns cash and rewards by booking their Uber and Lyft rides through the Freebird app.
Destination Businesses: Directly target and acquire/convert/ retain revenue-generating customers by offering cash-back or other rewards, with directly measurable Return-On-Investment (ROI) in a Pay for Transaction.
Data platform: Freebird provides its customers access to a proprietary data platform combining rideshare, credit card spend data and user survey information analysis in order to create targeted and more effective offers Branded Rides.
Brands can own ride categories and sponsor the ride experience and to acquire, convert, and retain customers. During our Beta Launch, Guinness paid for over 5,000 Freebird Safe Rides Home.
By delivering instant rideshare credit to Freebird users who booked their ride through Freebird. Guinness experienced significant brand reach and enhancement with over 225,000 views and interactions as a result of the promotion.
  • Highly scalable business model
  • Over $30 million invested
  • World class technology stack completed and beta tested
  • 4 Million+ Freebird rides completed during beta testing
  • 30,000+ monthly active users during beta testing
  • $3 billion in tracked transactions

Executive Team

Tom Szabo

Chief Executive Officer

Tom is a senior executive with experience managing all aspects of complex international businesses. Over 30 years, he founded and served as Chairman and CEO of four successful media and technology companies, including three with public market exits.

Kurt Brendlinger

Chief Operating Officer

Founding significant companies and co-managing an $800 million investment fund. Since 2004, co-founded and led Santa Monica Capital Partners, LLC, overseeing operations and strategy while actively managing the firm’s portfolio companies.

Danielle Thompson

SVP Partner Rides and Content

Danielle Thompson catalyzed Freebird’s growth, achieving 600k downloads and 52% word-of-mouth referrals, through strategic leadership. Her diverse experience spans from TV production to tech innovation, all underpinned by a BA in Communications and Media.

Adam Duro


Over 15 years as a multi-disciplined engineer and IT leader 2014 Los Angeles Business. Journal “CTO of The Year” award winner CTO @ Zehner. Sr. Manager, Software. Engineering @ Evolve Media

Ben Lappen

VP Marketing

Go-to-market specialist. successfully guided more than 100 product fundraisers and launches. Leads Vneck Media, an innovative creative agency known for its exceptional work with renowned clients like Mastercard, Google, BMW, and Sports Illustrated.

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