Subsidize both Uber and Lyft rides with one platform that brands the entire commute experience with your logo and assets.

Customized and Branded for Your Business

Freebird’s Commuter Choice program is fully customizable to meet your goals and budgets.


Every ride is branded with your company logo and information.


Offers available seamlessly on both Uber and Lyft platforms so the employee maintains choice.


Flexible platform allows budgetary control, unified Uber/Lyft reporting and ride offer customization.

Commuter Program

Freebird offers white-glove service to set up and maintain commuter benefit program.


Freebird provides employees of our corporate partners with added rewards in our app outside of commute rides.


Pre-set addresses, employee tiers, and custom codes for each employee.

Increase Employee Productivity, Engagement, and Retention with Branded Commuting

Improve Employee Safety & Satisfaction


Return to Work
47% of employees surveyed said they will or plan to return to their place of work in less than 3 months. This puts immense pressure on employers to provide a safe work environment.


Safety Perceptions
65% of workers who regularly utilize Uber and Lyft don’t feel safe commuting to work once offices reopen. Public transportation makes it impossible to socially distance, and many workers do not own personal vehicles.


Commuting Options
Over 50% of workers surveyed list rideshare as the safest public commuting option. These same workers are also highly likely to change their form of transportation to work once they return to work.


Benefit Importance
82% of workers who regularly utilize Uber and Lyft would be likely or very likely to commute to work using an employee subsidized commuter benefit program.  And 86% of these workers consider this benefit to be important or very important to them.

What is Freebird?

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For Consumers

An app rewarding users with cash back or rewards points on EVERY Uber & Lyft ride booked through Freebird.

For Employers

A valued partner assisting you in attracting and retaining loyal employees by providing a safer commuting option through rewarded ridesharing.

Keep Your Workplace Open by Reducing Your Risk

With the forced shift in workplace culture, employees are deciding how to safely return to work. By offering them a ride voucher to safely and more efficiently commute to work, employers can address their employees’ needs and provide greater incentives to return to work safely.

Talk to one of our specialists to see how Freebird’s Commuter Choice program can fix the weakest link to securing your workplace’s safety.

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