Austin Visitor Boom

During the pandemic, Austin received more Bay Area transplants than any other urban area in the country. The large population influx has brought with it many opportunities to ever-charming Austin: an increased pay scale as well as new neighborhoods filled with hot new restaurants and an ever-expanding nightlife scene. Not all of this growth is due to out-of-staters moving in, however. Between 2014 and 2018, roughly half of all new Austin residents moved from elsewhere in Texas.
Austin is not only an attractive place for new residents, either. It is also an extremely popular tourist destination. More than 30 million people visit Austin every year. The effects of the pandemic are still felt all over, and Austin is no exception but the city is still on-track for a lively summer.
As COVID restrictions ease up, Austin is on track to have even more visitors in 2021 than previous years. The first week of June 2021 saw 7,500 travelers pass through Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, compared to just 5,000 in a normal year. The surviving bars and restaurants have largely re-opened, and several music venues will host live events over the summer. Despite lingering effects from a difficult year, the summer of 2021 seems set for plenty of nightlife, great food, and fun.
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